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Some seek simple answers:

the make up of our skin,

the amount of venom needed

to stop a beating heart.


We’ve know this for a long time.

Could silence you at each approach,

but do not.  Will not.  Now


            we are but beauty

            shed from moon,

            taking you into our tides.


This wash of ocean

should push us back,

but we let it pass

the lace of our bodies,

these streamers of self,

anchors for a little while


until in fall

our bodies thicken.

Like paper now

ripped on rock,

we open,

deposit our seed, and die.


There are no simple answers.


Published in Freshwater 2006


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After diagnosis,

she dreams of a pelvis:

inverted wings,

                        misshapen hollows,

                                    bone’s broken bevels

                                    grate of flint making fire.

Some mornings only flame’s

blue center is visible.

She weighs whether to stop there

or risk the red-rimmed life again.

Late night, it is her own voice:  I can only be this body,come from my mother. 

She took me into the woodsand from there I ran to the sea. 

Some days I see so much stardust –and then it is gone.


Published in Freshwater 2007

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