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This Day 4 Billion Years in the Making

First lightning made rock.

Rock waited,

the patience of millennia.

But inside, flecks of fire

shifted stone and today

ragweed, jewel weed,

summer-ecstatic weed

feeds bees and the red bird.

Who remembers bare-bone earth?

Maybe the wind.

The same air circling

its swirls since the Beginning,

Red bird hides itself,

chipmunks scuttle the leaf litter.

Hawk wants

that stripe of life,

the smallest heart.

She flies between branches

on rock-silent wind

toward her prey.


Everything is close now

and I can’t move away.


As a friend pointed out to me, I haven’t been putting up too much poetry so I needed to add some words this Wednesday! The poem, which was just accepted to be published in March 2012 in Presence:  An International Journal of Spiritual Direction, was inspired by and written under a tree in Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary.  In October, Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of the Gaian Tarot, came and we a lead a workshop together at Arcadia.  Afterwards, we took a walk and Joanna snapped this photo that really needs no words but that I am honored she let accompany my poem here today.  


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